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Steve Lovitt, 3KYDD Design Studio

We offer a full range of branding services for both web and print media. From logo design, branding strategies, and full brand identities.

We provide designs for any type of print materials: business cards, flyers, brochures, magazine/newspaper advertising, posters, banners, or anything else you might need.

Recently a designer told me my designs were “In your face, no thinking involved.” I have to admit I do like color and images that catch my eye. Some of my work is mild, and some are wild, but I always hope that whoever looks at my work, takes a second look, not to try and figure it out, but to enjoy it.


Steve Lovitt




"My most successful projects always started with a fun planning meeting, listening to their stories, their goals and a few laughs"


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OUR Work

From Mild to Bold.  We would Love to do some work for you.

SQUATCH Industries

SQUATCH Industries. The Best Wraps for Snowboards, Skis, Skateboards. Comfortable Soft Graphic Tees + Cool Art Prints

Go to www.squatchind.com and check it out!

Squatch Industries, The Ski Collection

Squatch Industries, The Snowboard Collection

Squatch Industries, The Skateboard Collection

Squatch Industries, The Apparel Collection

3KYDD Transportation LLC

A Better Ride, Proudly Serving Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound


Dodge Durango

What some riders have said:

“I forgot my phone and he drove back to the drop off point and returned it to me. Steve is an awesome guy! Thumbs Up!!”

“Awesome car, great music, and gorgeous driver ”

“Excellent driver, great conversation and drove us safely home in the snow”

“Thank you for the great conversation and laughs! Awesome driver!”

“Thank you for the safe ride home. I really enjoyed.”

“Great guy, fun ride, great music, Steve is Awsome!”



"It's simple. Give a great and safe ride and a comfortable experience for the rider. That's my goals and I do my best every single time to achieve those goals".     

Steve Lovitt


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Need any projects done? Please contact me for UX/UI, Graphic Design, Web Design and Photography.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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Steve Lovitt


2515 4th Ave, Ste  1805, Seattle, WA 98121



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